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dc.contributor.authorДемецька, О.В.-
dc.description.abstractSome questions of the dependence of biological aggressiveness of the welding fumes on the main physical and chemical properties (dispersity of particles of solid component of welding fumes (SCWF) etc) have not yet been finally clarified. Objective of investigations was determination of the toxicity of SCWF nanosized fractions. Two grades of high-alloyed test electrodes with rutile type of coating and different types of binding with lower chromium content (YI) were used. In order to study the toxic action of SCWF of test electrodes 14-25 and 14-32, we performed a single intratracheal injection of 0.5 ml of TCWF nanoscale fractions (selected during welding in deionized water) to rats. Magnetic fields were measured using a superconducting quantum interference device, SQUID magnetometer. Chemical composition of the samples was studied by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (AES-UIP). Ultrastructural changes were investigated using a scanning electron microscope Tescan MIRA3 (Tesla). Changes in the liver of animals can be explained in terms of development in the body of diffuse and / or focal dystrophic and / or destructive changes, which may be related to accumulation of compounds of metals capable of exhibiting magnetic properties.uk_UK
dc.subjectwelding electrodesuk_UK
dc.subjectsolid component of welding aerosoluk_UK
dc.subjectnanosized fractions, chromium (YI)uk_UK
dc.titleToxic impact of nanofractions of solid component of welding fumes which formed during welding by high alloy electrodes with lower chromium contentuk_UK
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